Spiral Dynamics Coral and Awakening, the second tier colours

What is Coral? One of the most unknown and undiscribed colour of Spiral Dynamics. And what does it have to do with Awakening?
Most videos on Coral are actually Yellow-ish.
This is a summary of accounts of people, who are centered in or have experienced coral.
(In Ken Wilber’s system Coral is called Indigo)

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SD Coral in daily practice:

Describing SD 2nd tier colour experiences:

Coral and Teal non dual experience, The seeker and the sought:

Do you want to live in a world without magic?

SD Centre of Gravity:

SD Turquoise:

SD Teal:

SD Yellow:

SD Red:

SD Green:

Jordan Peterson and Spiral Dynamics:

Music: Turbosol

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David Clode
Eliabe Costa
Ian Stauffer
Jeremy Sallee
Jose Aragones
Marco Assmann

This is a channel on spiritual awakening.


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